Chilli (Mirch) – Green

Green chillies (hari mirchi) are now widely available at most supermarkets as well as sold by Asian grocery stores. Green chillies are long and it is the white seeds (capsaicin) that give the chilli a very hot taste. Green chillies are rich in Vitamins A and C and give Asian foods a distinct flavour. If you require for the dish to be less hot, you can remove the seeds but you must be careful not to touch your eyes or any sensitive skin and wash your hands straight away after handling the green chillies. If your fingers feel like that they are ‘burning’, rub some butter on to them, this will alleviate the discomfort. Green chilli paste is also available at most Asian grocery stores but it is also easy to make it at home by removing the seeds and white membrane, cut the chilli, add a little water and sunflower oil to a mini food processor and blend all the ingredients, this paste should be kept in a refrigerator.